ARC Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Our clients depend on us for expert payroll administration and advice – no task or client is too big or too small.

We save businesses time and money, ensure compliance with regulations, calculate complex employee benefits, access accurate reports and free your business to focus on its core functions. Our emphasis on client relationships and flexibility means that we are always working for the success of your business.

The efficient, responsive, flexible and professional services provided by you and your team have well supported our company in these years. The payroll files are always submitted to us timely and for a few occasions, ARC had to accommodate our ad hoc request to process payroll earlier. Additionally, you are willing to go extra mile to provide advices on HR matters that are not part of the payroll services.

Tan Poh Hoon, FPG Raffles Pte Ltd

Payroll Processing

  • Monthly pay calculations, including pro-rated salaries, overtime bonuses and annual wage supplements
  • Calculation of mandatory levies and statutory requirements, including:-
    • ECF/SINDA/CDAC/MBMF donation fund contributions
    • NS CPF contributions
    • Skills Development Levy
    • Worker Levies
  • Authorised salary deductions
  • Timely payments, including wages and CPF contributions
  • Submission of bank payment files
  • Itemised payslips

Employee Processing

  • Work pass renewals
  • Resignation, dismissal or termination, including work pass cancellation
  • Employee leave, including annual leave, maternity leave, medical leave
  • Employee claims, including expenses, NS Make-up Pay and Maternity and Child Care Pay claims

New hire processing

  • Full time, part time and contract staff
  • Foreign employees
  • Employment contracts
  • Work pass applications
  • Employee confirmation letters

Tax Services

  • Tax administration
  • Tax Clearance for Foreign and Singapore Permanent Resident Employees (IR21) filing
  • Year-end income filing

Data and Reporting Services

  • Standard payroll reports
  • Statutory reporting requirements
  • Customised reports and analysis
  • Employee data tracking and management

Payroll Advisory

  • Compliance issues
  • Retrenchment
  • Referrals, including business administration services and legal

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